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aerial view of Logboat Brewery in Columbia MO
aerial view of le bourgeois winery

Home Listing Lost in the Crowd? We Can Help!

Are you looking to sell your home, but need something extra to help your listing stand out from the crowd? An increasing number of real estate agents are looking to aerial photographs to help capture the full character of a home from every angle. Aerial photos could be the edge that gets more eyes on your listing, helping you sell your home faster!

  • Nothing makes your listing stand out better than a full aerial video tour of the property
  • In an increasingly competitive market, aerials can give you more listing views with no added effort
  • We offer a multitude of editing options to make sure you have a polished, professional listing
Ultra HD Video
Full HD Photos
Maximum Altitude
Extended Flights

The Latest and Greatest in Aerial Technology. In Your Hands.

At Columbia Aerial, we strive to bring you the latest in aerial media technology. Long considered a luxury item for the elite few, aerial imagery is now a technology that is accessible to even the smallest real estate operation or sole proprietor. UAS and UAVs (more popularly referred to as drones) have benefited from an astronomically high adoption rate of mobile phones, which share much of the same technology. With cellphones allowing for production efficiencies of things like GPS, micro storage, small HD cameras and video, drones have reached a price point that makes them much more accessible and affordable than helicopters or expensive cinema suspension rigs.

We strive to deliver a wide variety of professional aerial services to the Missouri area while staying fully complaint with FAA regulations under Title 14 CFR, Part 107. If you have any questions or would like to discuss how aerial photography could assist your next project, send a message to We look forward to helping you get your next project off the ground!

“Columbia Aerial was quick to arrange a time to get aerials done for my commercial property. Their prices are a fraction of what I used to pay an airplane for the same work. They work quickly and the photos I received were of the highest quality. I strongly recommend these guys.”
Bill R.
“I used Columbia Aerial to take a picture of my home as a gift for my husband. The picture was of such high quality that I was able to blow it up with no distortion. I now have it framed and my husband loved it!”
Sarah M.

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